African Primitive Ghost Moths
12.06.2017 African Primitive Ghost Moths

African Primitive Ghost Moths (Lepidoptera: Prototheoridae)

African Pine-Feeding Grasshoppers
11.06.2017 African Pine-Feeding Grasshoppers

African Pine-Feeding Grasshoppers, Plagiotriptus pinivorus (Descamps) and P. Hippiscus (Gerst.) (Orthoptera: Eumastacidae)

African Maiden Moths
10.06.2017 African Maiden Moths

African Maiden Moths (Lepidoptera: Thyretidae)

African Mahogany-Feeding Caterpillar
09.06.2017 African Mahogany-Feeding Caterpillar

African Mahogany-Feeding Caterpillar, Heteronygmia dissimilis aurivillius (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae)

African Horse Sickness Viruses
08.06.2017 African Horse Sickness Viruses

African horse sickness is a highly fatal, noncontagious disease of equines, particularly horses

African Honey Bee, Africanized Honey Bee, or Killer Bee
07.06.2017 African Honey Bee, Africanized Honey Bee, or Killer Bee

African Honey Bee, Africanized Honey Bee, or Killer Bee, Apis mellifera scutellata Lepeletier (Hymenoptera: Apidae)

African Armyworm
06.06.2017 African Armyworm

African Armyworm, Spodoptera exempta (Walker) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Aesthetic Pest
05.06.2017 Aesthetic Pest

A pest which, through its presence or actions, is deemed objectionable and in need of elimination even though it causes no economic loss

Adipokinetic and Hypertrehalosemic Neurohormones
04.06.2017 Adipokinetic and Hypertrehalosemic Neurohormones

The adipokinetic hormones and hypertrehalosemic hormones of insects comprise a family of peptide hormones that primarily regulate the levels of energy metabolites

03.06.2017 Adephaga

One of four suborders of beetles (Coleoptera), and one of two suborders that contain numerous and important beetles

Adaptation of Indigenous Insects to Introduced Crops
02.06.2017 Adaptation of Indigenous Insects to Introduced Crops

Host range expansion, or adaptation of insects to new crops, is a world-wide phenomenon that has been observed repeatedly and extensively

01.06.2017 Aculeus

This term has several meanings depending on the taxon of insects under consideration